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Sizzling Steak Spectacular

Ya’ know, sometimes the name just says it all!!  So you went to the store and bought yourself a steak (or maybe you killed a cow- whatever).  Now what? On the grill, over coals, in the oven, at a campfire, wherever, how do you bring out the maximum taste and sizzle of that steak to the point that your friends and neighbors are rummaging through your garbage to learn your secret?  You guessed it (or maybe you just had a really strong inkling because you’ve tried some of the other magnificent blends)- Sizzling Steak Spectacular!!! Rumor has it the cows are leaving town whenever this blend goes on the shelves!!

  • Gluten Free:

    Due to equipment used, product may contain wheat traces.

  • kosher:

    OU Kosher Certified


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