Why you should add ginger to your diet

Ginger is originally from Southeast Asia. It is one of the healthiest spices on earth. It has many medicinal properties such as helping with digestion, helping with the flu, reducing nausea, among many others. This amazing spice is rich in antioxidants, which protect your body’s DNA from stress and harm. It may aid in the

Product Spotlight: Our Hot & Spicy Cajun Style

Chili, garlic, onion and pepper is the ideal blend for those that love a little spicy flavor. Our Hot & Spicy Cajun Style is exactly that! You can use it on fish, fries or even pasta. The amount of dishes you can create are endless.  Did you know Canjun was born in Louisiana? Yes, it

Garlic: The Secret to Healthy Hair and Skin!

When it comes to healthy, beautiful hair and skin, the things you eat affect you more than the chemicals you apply. After all, you are what you eat. Which is why it is so important to incorporate the right spices into your diet.  Did you know garlic is a game changer for thin hair? Yes,

3 Heart-Healthy Blends To Incorporate Into Your Diet

We’ve all been there. After months of indulging in junk food, alcohol, and sweets, you’re ready to clean up your act. You start cheffing it up at home, but realize that all your ingredients are, well, not so great for you. You turn to Google for some help and after an hour of scouring the

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Thai Green Curry Blend

Traditional yet still unique, our Thai Style Green Curry Blend is the perfect seasoning for Asian-inspired recipes. The perfect marriage of sweet and spicy, the set features a decadent mix of Asian curry, blended with garlic, coriander, chili, turmeric, ginger, lemon grass, and other amazing spices. In other words? It’s exceptionally delicious. But don’t just

Product Spotlight: Our Savory Chicken Salt Blend

Brimming with bold flavor, our Chicken Salt Blend is the seasoning you need. Like, right now. Originating in Australia— where they use it as a default seasoning for fast food fries— chicken salt is renowned for its savory taste. While some varieties contain actual chicken (yes, seriously), our version contains a plethora of delicious spices.

A Lesson In: Chives

Let’s talk about chives.  Popular in the garden and in the kitchen, chives are an herb with long green stems and a mild, not-too-pungent flavor. With their mild and sweet bite, chives add a hit of freshness to just about any savory meal, making them a delicious addition to your favorite recipes. Providing a delicate

Our Secret to a Juicy Roast Turkey on Thanksgiving Day

Our secret to a juicy roast turkey this holiday season? The right seasoning, of course. Yes, that’s right: Ditch the ultra-boring turkey seasoning this year and opt for a five-star culinary experience— a.k.a. our Herbes de Provence Spice Blend.  We know, we know. You’re probably thinking, “But that’s seasoning for chicken, not turkey.” Not necessarily. 

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