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Garlic & Onion

Fantastic+++ and way more than *****.  If you love yourself (or even just like yourself a bunch) you will treat yourself to our number one seller.  Garlic & Onion is an outstanding blend of the richest most flavorful onions and garlic available with hints of the tastiest red bell peppers imaginable.  You can taste and smell the exceptionally high garlic and onion content and will want to put this on everything which works out quite well because this one works amazingly on everything- salads, meats, poultry, fish, stews, vegetables, eggs, soups (basically anything you put spices on)- you name it!! 

Nutritional Fact Image
  • Gluten Free:

    Due to equipment used, product may contain wheat traces.

  • kosher:

    OU Kosher Certified


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