Cooking with Foil

Cooking food in foil packets has been long associated with camping or reheating leftovers. But did you know that using foil in the oven is a versatile trick that can be used for many quick recipes? From baked salmon to baked potatoes, the possibilities are endless. Once you learn a few things about how to cook in foil packets, you will fall in love with this easy cooking technique!

First, use heavy-duty foil. You don’t want it to rip during the cooking process. You should season the contents your foil packets with any number of herbs or seasonings, but make sure you consider moisture. You will want some steam to keep your meats and vegetables from drying out. Try adding high-moisture vegetables like onions or tomatoes, or include any flavorful liquids to the mix. These include oil, butter, soy sauce or vinegar. 

For any dish that involves being topped with cheese, make sure to add it when you open the package. If cheese is added during cooking, it will stick to the foil and burn.

Cooking in a foil packet is not that different than cooking a sheet pan dinner. Everything from the vegetables to the meat should be cut and arranged by similar size, and avoid packing long-cooking vegetables in the same foil as short-cooking ones. If you are cooking veggies and meat together make sure to account for cooking time. Cut potatoes and carrots into thin slices because they take the same amount of time to cook as meat. Other veggies can be cut into chunks.

The best way to prevent undercooked food is by tightly folding the foil shut. Don’t just pinch the sides shut as that might allow steam and juices to escape during the cooking process. Put your ingredients in the middle of the foil sheet and bring the sides together to the center and tightly fold. Whatever your method, make sure the foil is wrapped neatly and is as flat as can be to ensure everything cooks together.

Once done cooking, open your foil packet carefully as it’s full of hot steam and enjoy!

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