A Lesson In: Paprika

Paprika is a spice made from various ground up Capsicum Annuum Peppers –including sweet bell peppers, hot red and/or peppers and other varieties. It is not as spicy as cayenne or jalapeno powder and a common complaint is that it is tasteless. The secret to this spice is actually in the cooking process – you need to add heat to unlock its complex flavor. Add it when you’re almost done with the cooking and you’ll get the deep, earthy aroma and taste that paprika is loved for. Here are some blends with paprika to choose from:

Use our Paprika Lemon & Lime Blend with fish as Italians love to add paprika to their fish. In  Germany, paprika is often mixed in sausages, potatoes, and vegetables. Our Smoked Paprika Garlic Chili and Chives adds great flavor to vegetables.

Like spice? Our Hot & Spicy Cajun Style Blend works great with almost anything you’d like to give heat to.

In Mexico, Parika is rubbed onto meats and added to salsas. Use our Dragon Head Habanero for chicken wings or chicken baked in the oven. A great blend for beef and lamb is our Adobo Olé.

There’s a reason Paprika is the fourth most-used spice around the world. From color to its health benefits (it’s loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, carotenoids and antioxidants) you can’t miss out on this beloved spice.

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