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"Thank you, I so love your products,  and I'm so excited that I will be able to buy it online as the stores are sometimes sold out. Thanks again!”  Ann P- NY


Hi, we are from Peachland B.C., Canada. Our sister-in-law lives in Elko, Nevada. She bought us The Gourmet Collection spices.... the Roast Vegetables & Fries is amazing. My husband now calls it "LOVE." Is there any place near us that we are able to purchase your spices.......  Jody- British Columbia  

"How are you?  I had purchased The Gourmet Collection Spice Blends Lemon Pepper it is the best spice blend I have ever had... Thank You!"      Lori- TX

 I just want to tell you I absolutely LOVE your seasonings.  I have most of them and recently came accross the Fisherman's Seafood Spectacular which is delicious!  My absolute favorite is the Paprika Lemon Lime (I have 4 in the cabinet).  I can't tell you what that does to baked Salmon!!!  I'm so glad I can order on line.  The word must be spreading because they are now hard to find (I will not give out my secret location :) I also love the fact your seasonings are low in sodium, as it helps me control my blood pressure and allows me to still have flavorful meals.  Thank you so much!!!   -Willet W


I love the Adobo Ole' blend...Thank you..excellent!!      -Nancy E.,  GA


A while back my wife and I purchased two bottles of your Roast Vegetables & Fries Spice Blends from your Gourmet Collection Spice Blends.  We simply loved it!."     Sergio - Rancho Cucamonga


"Thanks so much for taking my call today. We love all your spices."  Carol- NM


WOW- Chili Lime -We use that on almost everything! I remember a few years back we had a RV club trip with 75 families & I did corn on the cob (150 ears) . What a hit! We bought out the 2 stores in Spokane & gave the spice blend away at our RV Christmas dinner."                Bob M- Spokane


Again, thank you so much for your time & consideration.  In today’s world it is rare."       Bill- WA


My husband is a great chef. I usually buy all sorts of seasoning for him to try. This past Christmas season I purchased several of your blends of seasonings. He loved them! He used them in many of his dishes. Thanks,"       Dawn F- MI

Hi, I use your spices literally ALL the time. They're awesome.    -Dino E.


Your Lemon Pepper Spice Blend is without a doubt the finest spice blend I have ever used. We purchased this locally and now they are out of stock. All attempts to locate your product have been unsuccessful. So glad you’re now on the internet!!”                          Scott W. Fisher- CO


The Gourmet Collection Chili & Lime Spice Blend!  We found some of this very excellent spice this past week. We came home and fried some fresh jalapeños, squirted some fresh lime juice on them and sprinkled your Chilli & Lime seasoning on top. Oh my goodness sakes!  Being raised in Texas, my husband is sort of a gourmet pepper guy, eating all the hottest versions & sauces. I’m not quite as tough as he but can eat most except the really hot ones like habaneras. I do use Serrano peppers in all my soups, potato dishes and sauces, well actually, just about everything. I have promised him not to use this Chili & Lime spice in any of my other cooking and save it just for his peppers,he likes it that much.   Really, it’s not often we find spice this good!"     -Robie & George

“I recently purchased a bottle of The Gourmet Collection Spice Blends- Onion & Garlic at a  local store and absolutely fell in love with the intense flavor that it gave my meat. Everyone was in love....I went right back and they were all out.... NOW YOU’RE ONLINE. FANTASTIC!!!”    Sara- CT

Thank you for talking with me about the Gourmet Collection Spice Blends. As I stated by phone, I was given the Garlic and Onion as a gift and I absolutely love it. I made enough for my office staff and I was a raving hit! And it was definitely the spice not the hands or brains of the cook. I can be honest with myself and state that I am not a good cook. As further proof, I have lived in my house for a little over a year and I have turned my oven on a total of 6 times.  I wish you much success in expanding your business. So happy to see your spice products online and in major food retail/grocery store chains and specialty stores. You have definitely got a winner product.    -N. Bradley

“I want to order some of your yummy LEMON PEPPER. Now you have a website, and I’m so HAPPY because I can’t live without this stuff.”  Thanks         -Jackie- Wisconsin

"I received "Thai Curry" and “Spicy Cajun” blends as gifts.  They are ridiculously tasty!  Thanks!"     Mike

"I recently found a couple of your products, and decided to try them.  They are amazing! The Gourmet Collection Spice blends: 1) Spicy Stir Fry blend 2) Pepper Steak blend-  I really love these products - they add unique flavor to veggies and protein dishes. Thanks for going online so we can continue to enjoy them!"      Sharon H- TN

My family and I love Thai Style Green Curry Spice Blend. It is already gone, and I am writing to ask you where I could buy as I have looked for it in grocery stores and I even went back to store with no luck. I live in Bucks County and I am close to Philadelphia and now I’ve found you online! YAY- because I would have traveled to buy more of this great tasting spice blend!!   Elizabeth W- PA 


  “The Gourmet Collection Spice Blends Lemon Pepper is amazing, and now I can get it in Canada. It is the best I have tasted. Thanks”                Douglas S- Canada 


I love this whole line of products. I’m an Australian Chef living in the states. Thank you,”            Andrew H- NJ


 I recently purchased a bottle of Chili & Lime spice blend from the Gourmet Collection spice blends at a local store but they don't seem to carry it all the time. Now I can purchase online. By the way, it’s the most excellent spice I ever tasted.”     Lorraine- Texas

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